Watch John Darnielle Debut New Mountain Goats Song “For The Snakes”

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Few indie acts are as widely known and beloved as the Mountain Goats, and even fewer release new music at John Darnielle’s prolific clip. But Darnielle is always on his grind, so of course the follow-up to last year’s fantasy-themed In League With Dragons is under construction.

Darnielle has joined the legions of musicians streaming live from their homes while quarantined to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Whereas Ben Gibbard has been sprinkling classic covers into his daily webcasts, and JoJo transformed one of her signature hits into a coronavirus PSA, a bearded Darnielle has used the occasion to share a live take of a new Mountain Goats song called “For The Snakes.”

The caption on Darnielle’s Facebook video is simple and to the point: “Working on a thing, as you might have gathered, more news very soon. This is the live take and the song is called ‘For the Snakes,’ enjoy.” So, yeah, enjoy!

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