Bono Shares New Song Inspired By Quarantined Italians

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This St. Patrick’s Day has been quite a bit less festive than usual thanks to various levels of quarantine around the world, a preventative measure to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. However, Irish musicians are still finding ways to celebrate via the internet despite COVID-19. As I write, the Celtic punk band Dropkick Murphys are webcasting their annual St. Paddy’s Day concert live from Boston. Lots of other acts are doing something similar, including local mainstays the Drowsy Lads here in my Columbus home base. And perhaps the most famous Irish musician in the world has used the occasion to debut a new song.

Earlier today Bono posted footage of himself playing a new song inspired by the Italians who’ve been on lockdown. (Perhaps you’ve seen the viral footage of people in Naples singing to each other from their balconies?) Sitting at his piano in Dublin, the U2 singer performed what he called “a little tune I made up here an hour ago,” which goes by the working title, “Let Your Love Be Known.” The chorus includes lyrics about singing across rooftops, sung in a falsetto that might not quite be in Bono’s range anymore. It’s a cute gesture nonetheless.

Here’s the caption Bono included in the post:

For the Italians who inspired it… for the Irish…

for ANYONE who this St. Patrick’s day is in a tight spot and still singing. For the doctors, nurses, carers on the front line, it’s you we’re singing to.

Watch Bono sing his new tune below.

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