Watch Ben Gibbard Play Phoebe Bridgers, Def Leppard, & “The Bones Are Their Money” In All-Covers Livestream

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Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard has been stuck at home in quarantine like the rest of us, and he’s been turning his camera on every afternoon to perform an acoustic set to make up for his solo tour that was cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. He’s played a whole array of songs from the GIbbard expanded universe — including a new one, “Life In Quarantine” — and he’s also been covering a lot of tracks by artists like Radiohead, New Order, and the Decemberists.

On Sunday, he dedicated his livestream to a covers-only set. (He said at the end of the stream that he’ll dedicate every Sunday to an all-covers show.) He opened his set with the fitting John Lennon track “Isolation,” and went on to cover songs by Rilo Kiley, Big Star, Elliott Smith, Phoebe Bridgers, Bob Dylan, the Shins, Def Leppard, and the Flaming Lips. By fan request, he sang “The Bones Are Their Money” from the Netflix show I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson — watch that sketch here.

He was wearing a Jesus And Mary Chain t-shirt. Today’s show benefitted the Country Doctor Community Health Centers.

Watch the full set and check out the setlist below.

“Isolation” (John Lennon Cover)
“Silver Lining” (Rilo Kiley Cover)
“Thirteen” (Big Star Cover)
“Waltz #2″ (Elliott Smith Cover)
“Motion Sickness” (Phoebe Bridgers Cover)
“If Not For You” (Bob Dylan Cover)
“New Slang” (The Shins Cover)
“Hysteria” (Def Leppard Cover)
“The Bones Are Their Money”
“Do You Realize??” (The Flaming Lips Cover)

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